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Person County Beekeepers Association

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Community Apiary

Several members of the Person County Beekeepers Association manage The Community Apiary in Hurdle Mills.  Everyone is invited to come out and work in the apiary along side us to get mentoring and hands on experience.  You don't even have to be a beekeeper!  

Current hive styles either in use or recently used at the apiary:

Langstroth Hives & Nucs

Top Bar Hives

Resource Hives

Queen Castles

Some techniques that have been demonstrated:

Chemical Varroa Mite Treatments (Formic Acid, Apivar, OA)

Sugar Shakes

Splits (Walkaway, Swarm Control, Mississippi Split)

Queen Castling Queen Rearing

Some upcoming techniques/hives for 2021:

Chemical Free Mite Treatments

Alcohol Wash

Anel (plastic hives) & Layens

Queen Rearing

Community Apiary Days

Look for our event announcements through our google group email list or on our Facebook page.  We tend to be out at the apiary every other weekend from March-October.  Times and days of the week change depending on weather, temperature, and conflicting events.

Person County Beekeepers Association

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