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Person County Beekeepers Association

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What's Buzzing Around Our Neck of the Woods?

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Honey bees swarm in the early spring to late summer. If you see  a cluster of bees hanging on a tree or other object, that is a swarm and we have members who can come collect them and give them a nice home.

If you see bees going in and out of a hole or crack in a building, they have already moved in and we have members who can safely remove them and all of the comb so you won't have unwelcome neighbors.

Click here to make sure you see HONEY BEES and to learn more.

Contact Whitney Barnes, 919-599-4790, our Swarm and Cutout team leader.


Leave a message or send a text for faster response.

Are you ready for the


While we are seeing the end of the nectar flow, it is time to start thinking about extracting honey. If you have supers that your bees are filling and you are new to harvesting honey, our club is here to help.

We have a HONEY EXTRACTION WORKSHOP scheduled for Saturday, June 17 at Tom and Linda Savage's pavilion starting at 11am.

Pot luck lunch around 11:30. Let us know what you plan to bring ahead of time.  We will begin extraction after lunch. All members and guests are invited to join us for lunch and to observe and learn, even if you are not planning to extract.

If you want to extract from your frames, we need to know how many you plan to bring so we can schedule. Bring a mesh strainer and two buckets for every super you plan to extract.

If you are not already a member, come join our club, attend our meetings and ask experienced beekeepers questions you have such as:

  • How and when to add honey supers,
  • When to pull supers or frames of honey,
  • How to extract and bottle honey,
  • How to sell hive products to the public.

FIND A MENTOR for 2023 (click here) 

BE A MENTOR for 2023 (click here)

JOIN THE SWARM TEAM (email here)

Did you know that PRBA won 2nd place at the North Carolina State Fair in 2023 for Bee Club educational booth? Our members actively participate in events and win awards for their honey and wax products. Members, submit your information and we will post it for our community to see.

  • Person County Beekeepers Association booth won 2nd place at the North Carolina State Fair in 2022?
  • Our members actively participate in events and win awards for their honey and wax products?


3rd Thursday of the month

Person County Office Building

304 South Morgan St., Roxboro, NC 27573

 6:30 PM

We always welcome prospective members and guests to our meetings.

 Meeting Date
Main Program
SpeakerSmall Talk
  Jan 19
 Equipment styles
 David Bailey
 Winter Maintenance
 Larry Barnes
  Feb 16
 Swarms & Cutouts

 Bob Brauer &

Richard Dunnagan

 Relocating or

starting a new hive

 Open Forum
  Mar 16
 Splits & NC Inspector Services
 Don Hopkins
 Nucs & queen castles
  April 20
 Managing for honey
 Phil Uptmor
 Treatment timing
  May 18
 Hive Inspection Techniques
 Allen Hunter
 Show & Tell
 Bob Brauer
  June 15
 Harvesting Honey & Wax
 Randall Austin
 Prepping and labeling products for sale
  July 20
 Dearths and feeding
 Dana Stahlman
 Summary of Treatments
  Aug 17
 Colony Triage
 Shirley Harris
 Doctor my hives
  Sept 21
 Winter Prep
  Combining hives
  Oct 19
 Alternative and Natural Beekeeping
 Tara Lynne Groth (virtually)
 Pursing other things in the bee world
  Nov 16 Becoming a bee expert
  Master Beekeeper Program
  Dec  (tbd)
 Holiday Celebration
  Year in Review/Recognition


Beginner Bee School for 2023


We wrapped up or Bee School on March 25 and will be looking forward to helping new beekeepers in 2024 with a new and revised bee school curricula.

We have great speakers coming in for our monthly meetings this year.

We have apiary day at our community apiary every week, pending weather.

And we have some workshops and other events in the works.

Stay tuned for more events and educational opportunities.


For information go to the NC State Beekeepers Association website or click here for registration.

THESE ARE NOT BEGINNER BEEKEEPING PROGRAMS. Our Bee School is  the way to get started.

Born and Bred program has announced a day long class in Greenville, NC on April 22. Go to NCSBA for more information.

Summer Conference for the NCSBA is announced for July 13-15 at the Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock, NC. Registration and details coming soon.

  • We are a local chapter of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association
  • We have members of all ages that are very active at both the state and local levels.
  • We discuss a wide variety of topics regarding beekeeping in Person County, North Carolina and the surrounding area.
  • Many of our members live or keep bees in neighboring counties.
  • All are welcome in our club.        

For more information, contact us at:       

      Person County Beekeepers Association

      PO Box 222, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

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